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The Help Dream Inc is based in Arizona, our families primarily reside in the East Valley.  We support those less fortunate and in difficult situations by providing financial support.   Help Dream Inc is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and your donations and sponsorship funds are tax deductible either as a marketing expense or as a donation.

Sponsors of Help Dream Inc, collectively support selected students pay tuition at private schools and or universities or if student chooses, sponsorship costs, tuition and living expenses here in the United States when possible and feasible.  Selected applicants are in high need, many are orphaned or come from broken homes. As a sponsor, your donation goes toward the tuition of their educational institution, uniforms, clothing, and school supplies.  Every year, Help Dream Inc aspires to offer a minimum one scholarship to change/help the students’ life and our world.

By sponsoring our students, we will proudly display your company name and logo on our website for everyone to see.  Please support our cause and help those less fortunate dream of an education that will change their lives and the world around them.