Awarded Scholarship Requirements

Awarded scholarship are predicated on applicant meeting the following requirements by April 30th annually. In cases where the student awarded the scholarship does not meet any of the requirements below and is not able to receive an exception in writing for requirements not met, the scholarship will be awarded to another candidate.


  • Applicant/student must be proficient in English
  • Applicant must have completed the online application answering all questions truthfully with required attachments
  • Documentation of the student’s legal guardians (parents) and their current address (Domicile verification is generally available from a Constable’s office in foreign countries.)
  • Letter from legal guardian awarding temporary custody to the host family, translated to English with the equivalent of the country’s notary. This letter should include that the temporary guardian will make educational decisions on behalf of the parents, as well as, permission to seek any necessary medical treatment/services while the student is in the country.
  • Applicant/student’s birth certificate or country’s equivalent with English translation
  • Applicant/student’s current transcript translated to English.  Transcripts are the grades for all classes completed in High School.  High School is a four year period and defined as grades 9 -12.  First grade is normally defined as the first grade of school (Typically a child is already six years old by August which marks the beginning of of their first grade) where 8th grade is the final year of middle school in the US.  Therefore, 9th grade which is he first year of high school, a student is typically 14 or 15 years of age when starting 9th grade in the August/September time frame.
  • A letter of introduction from the Applicant/student (in English)
  • Copy of Applicant/student’s passport
  • Applicant/student’s Immunization records
  • Applicant/student must organize a host family where attending school
  • Name and address of host family with residency verification (a current electric bill)
  • Applicant/student must arrange travel if attending school in the USA